What is the difference between regular honey and black forest honey?

Humans have considered honey as an alternative to sugar. The magical superfood has many health benefits apart from its unique and natural flavour. Raw honey has anti-inflammatory properties because of the presence of antioxidants. Did you know that honey is the only natural ingredient that contains ‘pinocembrin,’ an antioxidant that improves brain functioning?

What is regular honey?

The honey that we consume is not raw. The honey bottle that makes up our kitchen shelves is processed and pasteurised to sustain a specific shelf life. The process of pasteurisation destroyed the natural yeast present in the honey. It also takes away the naturally present antioxidants. After that, ultra-filtration refines the honey further to give it a smooth and transparent texture.

The regular honey we receive is no rawer and is filled with additives, high fructose value, artificial sweeteners, and brown rice syrup. As a result, the chances of getting pesticide-free healthy honey are very rare in the commercial market.

What is black forest honey?

Black forest honey is healthier in numerous ways and is the one kind of honey made most naturally. This honey is valued more because it is extracted from a complex process. The texture of the black forest honey is very dark, which is why it is exceptional and precious to be consumed.

The black forest honey is collected from the bees of wild colonies found very deep inside the forest. It is extracted from the nectar of the wild blossoms and is 100% natural and unadulterated. It is known for its magical benefits for weight loss and boosting immunity.

It is also known as ‘honeydew honey’ because the honey is derived from the bees consuming honeydew which is a sticky and sugar-rich liquid secreted by aphids after feeding on plant sap.

Differentiating Regular Honey From Black Forest Honey

It isn’t easy to understand the difference between regular honey and black forest honey. So, let’s know the features that make both of them different.

  1. Process of extraction: Regular honey is extracted through sealed honey combs are removed by giving a puff of smoke and brushing out a colony of bees. The honey is collected through the nectar of flowers in the regular honey. Black forest honey is made from honeydew nectar which is mixed with an enzyme in the bees’ mouth to give original black forest honey.
  1. Texture: Regular honey is less sticky because of the filtration process it goes through. Black forest honey is very thick and darker in colour.
  1. Shelf life: Regular honey has a shelf life of 12 months, whereas black forest honey has no water added to it; therefore can be good to consume for upto three years.
  1. Nutritional Value: Black forest honey contains iron, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium. Honeydews are a great source of vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, and Niacin. Regular honey is a source of vitamins, proteins, and amino fatty acids.
  1. Benefits Of Consumptions: Regular honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used in weight loss recipes to treat cough and boost honey. Black forest honey being the purest lowers triglyceride levels, heals wounds and burns, is suitable for digestive health, serves as a natural moisturiser for the body, and much more.

Is black forest honey better than regular honey?

Black forest honey does not contain any additives or preservatives; therefore, it’s the most natural form of honey. Regular honey is pasteurised and contains artificial preservatives to get a smooth colour and texture. Black forest honey is an immunity-boosting superfood; it has nutrients and minerals that are useful in diabetes, and it maintains stomach acid, improving gut health. Geohoney suggests that you switch to black forest honey for its amazing and impressive benefits on your health.


Since black forest honey is precious, many stores in the market sell fake products. If you want natural and organic products, then buying from a reliable store is recommended. If you are still using regular honey, it’s time for you to try the nutrient-rich black forest honey. Experience the difference in your health by buying impeccable quality honey to stay fit and healthy.

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