Gelcaps vs Pills: Get your CBD in a Gelcap for Bioavailability

When you are taking CBD, the most important thing to consider is its bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance gets absorbed into your bloodstream when taken orally compared with injected directly.

Understanding the difference between Gelcaps and Pills is important when looking for bioavailability and which ingesting CBD works best.

What are Gelcaps?

Gelcaps are made from gelatin, a common animal byproduct commonly found in capsules and softgel products like gummy bears and vitamin supplements. As well as being widely available, they’re also one of the cheapest forms of tablet to produce.  Hemp is usually combined with other ingredients such as MCT oil or coconut oil that help extract CBD into gel caps better than hemp alone. However, since it still isn’t water-soluble, you need about 20% more product per gel cap than water-soluble CBD.

Hemp Gelcaps work best for people who need stability in their lives or can’t swallow easily, such as children or pets.

What are Pills?

Pills are made from oil pressed into a powder, then combined with other ingredients such as MCT or coconut oils to help extract the cannabinoids more efficiently than just hemp alone. This makes them easier to swallow and results in less product being needed per pill than Hemp Extract should be decarboxylated before turning it into pills so cannabinoids like THC can activate within your body after ingestion instead of later when you smoke/vape.

Pills give you more control over how much CBD is ingested by breaking up into smaller capsules than just one big gel cap.

Both Hemp Gelcaps and Hemp Extracts like Capsules have different advantages when it comes down to bioavailability, which means they absorb differently through your digestive system and affect you accordingly (CBD dosage).

Pills are also preferred by people looking to get their daily dose of CBD without having to swallow too many tablets, which makes them a great option if you’re not used to taking lots of supplements or pills regularly. However, they do require more practice when it comes down to dosage control, as you have no other choice but to take one big medication at once instead of breaking it up into smaller ones like gelcaps.


Both Gelcaps and Pills have their own pros’ and cons’, but the way to get your CBD in a more bioavailable form is by bringing it into hemp gelcaps! We hope that this was helpful.

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