Brain function improves with mental health supplements

Are you aware that your brain consumes twenty percent of the oxygen you breathe but only weighs two percent of your total weight? Well, it’s a fact and it must be so. However, the brain controls all the functions of the body such as feeling, moving, thinking and acting.

But when the brain stops functioning smoothly, we experience different symptoms such as headaches, depression, anxiety, memory loss and concentration. Healthy brain function depends on what we eat and drink, how we rest and how many exercises we do. That the body requires health supplements generally accepted by everyone but do not understand the value of mental health supplements.

o Vitamins: All vitamins in category B are important for the brain. For example, vitamin B2 or Riboflavin helps keep the senses alive. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to numbness, loss of sensation, seizures and other neurological symptoms. Riboflavin-rich food is spinach, broccoli, chicken eggs and cow’s milk.

o Minerals: almost all minerals help maintain brain health. Iron, for example, helps in oxygen transportation and storage. This is one of the minerals that is always lacking in our diet and this leads to headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Iron-rich foods include raisins, potatoes, lentils, and cashew nuts.

o Antioxidants: the brain is exposed to high oxidative stress every time it requires more oxygen as a result of carrying out various functions. Oxygen-free radicals produced during such stress can cause damage to brain cells that cannot be changed. Therefore, it is recommended to include antioxidant-rich foods such as oranges, cauliflower, cabbage, and olives in our food.

o Fatty acids: fish are sometimes known as brain food. This is because they contain important essential fatty acids in the process of forming and the growth of nerve cells in the brain. Disadvantages of fatty acids become widespread and responsible for various emotional disorders and learning such as schizophrenia and autism. Fatty acids are found in rich amounts of cold water fish such as herring and sardines.

Including mental health supplements as an integral part of our normal diet supplementation program is very important because all necessary nutrients are not available in our diet. Mental health supplements include a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they must be taken along with other health related efforts that we do including sports or yoga.

If you have difficulty choosing proper mental health supplements, just select the best. In a survey that compares more than 1500 health products, USANANA’s health science supplements are found as the best for four consecutive years.

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